Gynefix – copper coil

Gynefix is a newly developed non-hormonal intrauterine contraceptive. It is made up of a small, flexible chain with 4 (Gynefix mini) or 6 (Gynefix standard) copper sleeves.
Its flexibility means that the copper IUD can adapt to all movement and cannot be felt either during physical activity or throughout the menstrual cycle.  It is fixed in the upper part of the uterus using a small hook to prevent slippage. The Gynefix copper chain is also known as an intrauterine implant (IUI).

Mode of action: The copper ions that are released from the copper sleeves in small quantities reduce the mobility of the sperm and prevent any fertilised egg cells from implanting in the uterus. The balance of hormones is not affected. The natural menstrual cycle is retained and ovulation occurs as usual

Duration of use:  Up to 5 years

Effectiveness:  Very high effectiveness with a pearl index of 0.1–0.9.

Insertion: The Gynefix copper IUD is inserted into the uterus through the cervix with the help of an insertion sleeve. A small hook on the upper end of the IUD is used to fix it to the muscle tissue. If possible, the Gynefix should be inserted during a woman’s period when the cervix is slightly open.. During the procedure, the woman may experience a pulling pain but this is generally well tolerated. If desired, we also insert the copper IUD under general anaesthetic.

Position check:  The position of the Gynefix can be checked at any time using the retrieval thread that protrudes from the cervix. Regular ultrasound examinations every 6 months are also recommended to confirm that the contraceptive is working properly. It is particularly important to check after the first period.

Removal:  The copper IUD can be easily and painlessly removed at any time using the retrieval thread. Fertility rapidly returns to normal after removal of the IUD. It is possible to become pregnant immediately.

Possible side effects and complications:  The mobility of the copper chain means that Gynefix is well tolerated. However, there may be lower abdominal pain, heavier menstrual bleeding, breakthrough bleeding or spotting in the early stages. After a period of adjustment, these side effects generally disappear.

Who can use Gynefix?  The Gynefix copper chain is suitable for all women who would like a long-term and non-hormonal contraceptive. The long time that Gynefix can remain inserted, up to 5 years, means that it is a good alternative to sterilisation once family planning is complete. The flexible copper chain adjusts to the individual size of the uterus so it can also be used by women who have not had any children.