Copper pearl ball (Intrauterine ball – IUB)

The cooper pearl ball is the most modern of intrauterine, non-hormonal contraceptives. The unique feature of the contraceptive ball is the flexible carrier thread made of nitinol, a high-tech material with shape memory which has long been used for implants such as stents in constricted arteries. Products made of nitinol can be deformed into any shape but always return to their original shape.

This material’s characteristic makes it possible for the carrier thread of the IUB to be inserted into the uterus through a narrow tube with the threaded copper pearls (diameter 3.2 mm). Immediately after insertion into the cavity of the uterus, the nitrinol thread with a polymer coating forms into a spherical structure with a diameter of approx. 15 mm. The now spherical IUB is flexible and free in the uterus. There is no need for it to be affixed as with the Gynefix copper chain.

Effectiveness: As with conventional copper coils, the released copper ions weaken the mobility of the sperm and thus prevent the fertilisation of the ovum. The balance of hormones is not affected. Ovulation takes place as normal.

Insertion: The carrier thread is inserted into the uterus through a narrow tube with the threaded copper pearls. The three-dimensional spheres of the IUB only unfurl once in the cavity of the uterus. Insertion preferably takes place during menstruation.

If desired, we can also insert the copper IUD under general anaesthetic.

Removal: A double retrieval thread enables the straightforward removal of the IUB. Once the copper pearl ball is pulled, the spherical form of the carrier thread is dissipated making pain-free removal possible.

Possible side effects and complications: As with all coils, slight bleeding, lower abdominal pains at the start, heavier menstrual bleeding and spotting are possible. The flexible, spherical form of the IUB means that irritation to the cavity of the uterus is very minimal. The copper pearl ball is generally better tolerated than conventional coils.

Duration of use: 5 years

Safety: high safety with a pearl index of 0.3 – 0.8.